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Mr. Style

Marty Hackel, also known as Mr. Style, is an acclaimed stylist for men and women. While best known for dressing the world’s most celebrated professional golfers, Marty’s ability to bring subtle sophistication that plays to each client’s best features is what sets him apart.


A no-nonsense approach to dressing and organizing clothing for a weekend getaway or summer wardrobe, Marty is beloved for his practical styling tools, fashion and wardrobe guidelines and classic approach to smart style on and off the fairway.

Marty was fashion director for Golf Digest for 15 years where he was responsible for making sure players, teachers and cover subjects were dressed in a fashionable and on-trend manner. While at Golf Digest, he had multiple TV and radio appearances on NBC and Golf Channel. Marty began his career in style and fashion as a retailer in the 1970s and worked at companies such as Dayton’s, Neiman Marcus, Bottega Veneta, Filofax and Alexander Julian. He holds a degree from the University of Vermont. 



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"Remember that it is not about what you wear but how you wear it that makes the statement."

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